An e-health system reveals health motivations

We want to motivate individuals to achieve better health, but we don’t know what motivates them. Why don’t they exercise and take their medications?

The Morgan-Levy Health Cube, an e-health system, answers these kinds of questions. A diagnostic tool, it uncovers individuals’ attitudes toward 7 key health dimensions. And it works with any wellness program.

Provides direction

With the insights our system provides, employers, health insurers, wellness coaches, and physicians can focus on key motivations in their messages and programs. Individuals will be able to recognize their own barriers to better health.

Simple and convenient

The Morgan-Levy Health Cube is completed online anywhere without the use of a trained professional.


The cost for a group to complete the Morgan-Levy Health Cube is modest and depends on the size of the group and the extent of the report we provide.

Instant feedback

The Morgan-Levy Health Cube delivers instant feed back. The participant receives his or her ranking on the 7 critical dimensions, as well as an individualized report suggesting next steps on each dimension.

An aggregated report on a group provides employers, health insurers, wellness coaches, or physicians with a variety of break outs. Individual reports can be made available with the person’s consent.

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